Link Mini-Marquees Together!

Whilst the sizes of our Mini-Marquees are great for smaller areas of up to 6.0m x 6.0m, it is still possible to cover larger areas of varying shapes and sizes. We can link any of our Marquees together to create a single covered space. With our special guttering systems, we stop any unwanted rain falling between each canopy to encourage any drips of water to drain on the outside of the Marquees.

Also, what makes this type of set up unique is the fact that because our Mini-Marquees vary in sizes, unlike your typical Wedding tent, we can create single spaces of obscure shapes. If your venue has a little corner off to one side that also needs covering, we can link a smaller 3.0m x 3.0m to a larger Marquee to create that L shape or even T shape. A recent customer took advantage of this capability to avoid trees and bushes that came out into the garden further down. The alfresco dining made for a great celebration as you can see below.


Another customer decided that they needed a larger space of 4.5m x 9.0m. In order to satisfy this request, we simply used 3 of our 4.5m x 3.0m Mini Marquees and joined them together with leg straps and gutter systems, allowing a long tunnel of shelter for the hog roast BBQ they had planned.


Even if you just want to be creative, why not throw in our 6.0m x 6.0m hexagonal marquee as a centre area and join 3.0m x 4.5m to as many of the six sides of the hexagon as you like, creating that single centre space with multiple areas spreading outwards.

Give us a call to enquire about the many possibilities.

Introducing Social

Well it’s been a quiet winter for MM Hire Kingston but nothing less than expected and things are really picking up again since the sunshine appeared at the beginning of April. We have however been working hard on other areas to bring more interaction to our customers. We have now opened a new Timeline style Facebook page dedicated to Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston, where we are keeping it social and interactive with pictures of the Mini-Marquees we have been setting up as well as pictures of possible set ups available from us. As we approach the Summer months, we are also posting interesting tips and facts about BBQ’s and how to make your BBQ successful with different recipe ideas. If Facebook isn’t for you, don’t worry because we have also created a new Twitter account dedicated to Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston. We will be tweeting all the same stuff across both social networks so nobody misses out. Join our crowd and keep up to date, follow us on Facebook & Twitter via the links to the right of this page.

We have a few jobs coming up over the next few weeks, one of them being a May School Fair at one of our local Schools in East Molesey where we will also be advertising in the Fair’s Programme. We will keep you posted with how we get on with these later on.