What we’ve been doing…….

It’s been a while since our last post here and you are forgiven if you think we have been a little quiet over the last couple of months. I am pleased to say however that we have been far from quiet. Here’s an update on the things we have been doing….

We have already done quiet a few Mini Marquee Hires around London for different occasions. An interesting one we had recently was over in Islington where a Birthday Party was planned with a Magic Show. The area available was not very large as expected for bust London but was nicely arranged to fit a 4.0m x 4.0m Mini Marquee.


The magician had requested the spae in use to be as dark as possible we new our black canopy and side panels would do the ‘trick’ (pun intended :)). Once we had set up, the customer was immediately excited because although it was a brigh sunny day outside, insode the Mini Marquee was completely pitch black. In fact, in order to set up, we needed to uncover the panel windows so we could see what we were doing. It looked great and I’m sure the Magician managed to get some amazing visual effects in the dark.

It is easy to forget that although we have set Mini Marquee sizes, we can still cover larger areas due to the Mini Marquees being linkable. Below, a Customer’s patio area was very wide and was needed to be sheltered for a wedding celebration. These two 4.5m x 3.0m were linked side by side and guttered in the centre to stop any unwanted rain dripping through the centre and then once the sides were attach literally added a large room extended on the back of the house.


Carpet was added to keep it dry and warm with heaters added at each end. There was no doubt invitees were going to be comfortable at this bash in Kingston Vale.


Just to show what we can do with tight spaces, we had one customer in a first floor flat that had limited patio space that was entered via steps. As you can see form the following pictures, we made great use of a 4.5m x 3.0m Mini Marquee to allow and open deck area as well as a great sheltered party tent right at the bottom of the entrance steps.


This looked great for such a small space and received positive feedback the day after the Birthday Party.

More and more jobs are coming in and we are looking very busy over the coming weeks and months including a party for 4 Mini Marquees for a Hog Roast party. Watch this space.

Winter Mini-Marquee Hire

Just to show that a Mini-Marquee is not just for Summer or just for those warm Spring evenings, here is the perfect example of how you can use our Mini-Marquees during the Winter months.

Christmas Festivities are now starting in Thames Ditton, a local village to us where community makes the atmosphere. Every year, they gather to turn on the local high street Christmas lights and this time, they had turned a local Photography Studio into Santa’s Grotto.


To complete the look of the large glass window that was dressed in Xmas decorations, one of our 3.0m x 4.5m Mini-Marquees was used to shelter the front. This created a great place to stand a wait to sit on Santa’s knee while gazing at the great window display. Two heaters were also hung inside (also provided by us) that kept everyone warm while waiting in anticipation to see Saint Nic himself.

20121205-114856.jpgThe evening turned out great and everyone was pleased with the set up. Everyone was already on a high from the previous night after fellow Thames Ditton resident Charlie Brooks became queen of the Jungle.