Link Mini-Marquees Together!

Whilst the sizes of our Mini-Marquees are great for smaller areas of up to 6.0m x 6.0m, it is still possible to cover larger areas of varying shapes and sizes. We can link any of our Marquees together to create a single covered space. With our special guttering systems, we stop any unwanted rain falling between each canopy to encourage any drips of water to drain on the outside of the Marquees.

Also, what makes this type of set up unique is the fact that because our Mini-Marquees vary in sizes, unlike your typical Wedding tent, we can create single spaces of obscure shapes. If your venue has a little corner off to one side that also needs covering, we can link a smaller 3.0m x 3.0m to a larger Marquee to create that L shape or even T shape. A recent customer took advantage of this capability to avoid trees and bushes that came out into the garden further down. The alfresco dining made for a great celebration as you can see below.


Another customer decided that they needed a larger space of 4.5m x 9.0m. In order to satisfy this request, we simply used 3 of our 4.5m x 3.0m Mini Marquees and joined them together with leg straps and gutter systems, allowing a long tunnel of shelter for the hog roast BBQ they had planned.


Even if you just want to be creative, why not throw in our 6.0m x 6.0m hexagonal marquee as a centre area and join 3.0m x 4.5m to as many of the six sides of the hexagon as you like, creating that single centre space with multiple areas spreading outwards.

Give us a call to enquire about the many possibilities.

Mini Marquees at Dittons Fair

Last Sunday saw the Dittons Fair take place on Giggs Hill Green in Thames Ditton. This annual event had a great turn out and we were there to assist Molesey & Ditton Mums with the use of our 4.0m x 4.0m Mini Marquee in black. This was perfect considering the allocated pitch size for everyone was 4.0m x 4.0m.


Tucked in the middle of 2 other stalls with gazebos set up, our one helped make Molesey & Ditton Mums stand out with the larger more impressive canopy. With their banner attached to the front, nobody could walk past without having a nosey.

We took some great pictures of the Stall but to give you a better insight into our set up, we have created a short video for you to watch.


What we’ve been doing…….

It’s been a while since our last post here and you are forgiven if you think we have been a little quiet over the last couple of months. I am pleased to say however that we have been far from quiet. Here’s an update on the things we have been doing….

We have already done quiet a few Mini Marquee Hires around London for different occasions. An interesting one we had recently was over in Islington where a Birthday Party was planned with a Magic Show. The area available was not very large as expected for bust London but was nicely arranged to fit a 4.0m x 4.0m Mini Marquee.


The magician had requested the spae in use to be as dark as possible we new our black canopy and side panels would do the ‘trick’ (pun intended :)). Once we had set up, the customer was immediately excited because although it was a brigh sunny day outside, insode the Mini Marquee was completely pitch black. In fact, in order to set up, we needed to uncover the panel windows so we could see what we were doing. It looked great and I’m sure the Magician managed to get some amazing visual effects in the dark.

It is easy to forget that although we have set Mini Marquee sizes, we can still cover larger areas due to the Mini Marquees being linkable. Below, a Customer’s patio area was very wide and was needed to be sheltered for a wedding celebration. These two 4.5m x 3.0m were linked side by side and guttered in the centre to stop any unwanted rain dripping through the centre and then once the sides were attach literally added a large room extended on the back of the house.


Carpet was added to keep it dry and warm with heaters added at each end. There was no doubt invitees were going to be comfortable at this bash in Kingston Vale.


Just to show what we can do with tight spaces, we had one customer in a first floor flat that had limited patio space that was entered via steps. As you can see form the following pictures, we made great use of a 4.5m x 3.0m Mini Marquee to allow and open deck area as well as a great sheltered party tent right at the bottom of the entrance steps.


This looked great for such a small space and received positive feedback the day after the Birthday Party.

More and more jobs are coming in and we are looking very busy over the coming weeks and months including a party for 4 Mini Marquees for a Hog Roast party. Watch this space.

Mini Marquee Hire Kingston Prices

Below are a list of prices for our Marquee hire, please contact us for a detailed and accurate quote.


Frame & Canopy
Side Panels
3.0mx x 3.0m £95 £15 each £30
3.0m x 4.5m £105 £15 each £40
6.0m x 3.0m £145 £15 each £45
6.0m x 6.0m (Hex) £145 £15 each £50


Anchorage – Soft Ground per unit included
Anchorage – Hard standing per unit £15
Printing & Customisation from £85


8ft Long £8 each


Chairs £3 each
Heating/Lighting £7.50 each
Aluminium Furniture
Poseur / Cocktail Tables £10 each
Bistro Sets – Table & 3 Chairs £22.50 each



Discounts available for multiple unit bookings, Please contact us for more details.

Prices shown are for up to 3 days. Additional days hire – please contact us for a personal quote.
Delivery charges may apply. Accidental Damage Liability is charged at £10 per marquee.

Let us help you plan! Book your FREE site visit!

Are you, or somebody you know……

  • Planning an event or party?
  • Unsure how to make the most of the outside space?
  • Unsure what size Marquee to hire?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to the above questions, then you need to worry no more. 

We can carry out a site visit at your Event’s planned venue, whether that be at home or at a hotel. Whatever the venue, we can advise on how to make best use of the space available, suggesting different layouts with different size marquees and how our optional extras can make your event a success.

We have experience in setting up on spaces of all different shapes and sizes.

Call now to book your ‘FREE’ no obligation site visit.

Advertise with Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston

Advertising opportunities have now opened….. we are offering a great package to local businesses at a superb price.

“So what’s the package?” I here you ask….

For an annual fee of £80 plus VAT, you can appear on both our main website and the Kingston area page on head office websites, showing your company logo and details that link directly to your website when clicked. A one off annual fee of £80 plus VAT covers the cost of designing and updating those websites. No additional fees will be incurred for recommendations, advertising or marketing you receive via either Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston Ltd or MM Hire Ltd.

For your own confidence and to keep things simple for our own customers, we only allow one advert on each of our sites for each business service operating in and around the Kingston-upon-Thames area. We will only advertise services from one Bouncy Castle provider, one Disco provider, one Mobile Bar provider and so on.

We have had great success in marketing our website with visits doubling in just the last 12 months, reaching more than 40,000 unique visits. We are asked time and time again to recommend suppliers of balloons, bouncy castles, entertainers, chocolate fountains, discos and various other services for events and functions by our own customers. Wouldn’t it be great if we directed them to you, as an associate! :).

Wait a minute…before you go away to think about this, let’s sweeten the deal just a little more for those advertising on our sites……..

  • For each home or event in the Kingston area that we supply a Mini-Marquee, we will also leave behind copies of your own advertising materials such as flyers and business cards*. !! FREE OF CHARGE !! 🙂
  • We will promote your site** using our social network feeds such as Facebook and Twitter, expanding your reach out to new potential customers.

*Flyers and business cards must be supplied by you, the advertised business. **By default, we will advertise your main website but if you choose, we can advertise and share your Facebook page instead).

There you go, now its just too good to miss out on.……

Take a look at our Nottingham website where businesses have already taken up this great opportunity: and

We are a rapidly growing company specialising in Mini Marquee / Gazebo Hire for a wide variety of events and functions for both domestic and corporate clients. To take a look at where your advert will be found, just click on ‘Associates’ at the top of this page or go to to see the Kingston area page of our head office site.

Our intention is to expand our ‘dealer operated hire network’ throughout the UK following the success and proven profitability in the areas managed by ourselves.

Whilst no one can guarantee levels of business generated from any form of advertising, we believe that this individual and exclusive space for your products and services will drive potential customers directly to you via our websites, call centre and alongside our flyers. It helps to build an image in the minds of potential customers of a ‘one stop shop’ and we believe that our services together will complement each other.

Additionally, the associations built up as a result of this can only help to advance all of our search engine positions.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and don’t let someone else in your business sector take your slot, please send us a message via our Facebook page, or email us at and we will respond to inform you whether or not you are the first company in your service area to do so. Should this be the case, then we will send you a response to let you know the next steps and to gather the relevant details from you. We will also provide you with an address for you to post your flyers / business cards should this additional free service be of interest to you.

Due to the first come first served nature of the opportunity, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible.

Many thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Winter Mini-Marquee Hire

Just to show that a Mini-Marquee is not just for Summer or just for those warm Spring evenings, here is the perfect example of how you can use our Mini-Marquees during the Winter months.

Christmas Festivities are now starting in Thames Ditton, a local village to us where community makes the atmosphere. Every year, they gather to turn on the local high street Christmas lights and this time, they had turned a local Photography Studio into Santa’s Grotto.


To complete the look of the large glass window that was dressed in Xmas decorations, one of our 3.0m x 4.5m Mini-Marquees was used to shelter the front. This created a great place to stand a wait to sit on Santa’s knee while gazing at the great window display. Two heaters were also hung inside (also provided by us) that kept everyone warm while waiting in anticipation to see Saint Nic himself.

20121205-114856.jpgThe evening turned out great and everyone was pleased with the set up. Everyone was already on a high from the previous night after fellow Thames Ditton resident Charlie Brooks became queen of the Jungle.


Bracknell Food & Drink Festival

An early start on Saturday morning to set up 11 Mini-Marquees for the Bracknell Food & Drink Festival. We arrived on site promptly at 05:45am to set the scene for a great public event. MM Hire Ltd and Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston Ltd joined forces to complete the set up in 2 hours. This would have been reduced but we were so quick at setting one area up, one of the trade show stands were unable to get to there plot. Never mind, we quickly created space and all was well.

This time, instead of pictures, we have created a video below which is on our Facebook Page to show how we set up and the amazing speed we have in doing this. 🙂 Take a look below.


Recent Jobs

Here’s an overview of the jobs we’ve been doing that should give some people a little inspiration into what you can do for your event.

10th July 2012

Well the tennis was certainly emotional but this customer was still happy with their set up over the last weekend to entertain family and friends during the tennis.

Customer Testimonial: Mrs Husain in Sutton
“Just to say that we are very happy with the service that was provided by your company. Grant was very helpful too.”


The most interesting job we have done so far was back in May when we set up for a customer in Canary Wharf. This was for a 3.0m x 4.5m Mini-Marquee in white. What made this an interesting job was the fact that it was to be erected on the upper deck of the Prins Gallery Boat with direct view of the amazing buildings around Canary Wharf.


Although the high security around the area also made it difficult to get to the boat lol, but that’s another story.

Over in Buckinghamshire, we created an amazing focal point for a wedding, where a 6.0m x 6.0m Hexagonal Mini-Marquee in brilliant white ensured all the attention was on the bride and groom.


On collection, we arrived in good time to catch the end of the ceremony where some great pictures were being taken. Under the marquee they also had a white grand piano and grand it looked indeed.

Below are some other examples of the different ways people are using our Mini-Marquees.

This one was nicely erected in the Customer’s patio ready for a surprise birthday party at home.


If you have the space, then this looks great, joining our 6.0m x 6.0m marquee with our 3.0m x 4.5m marquee giving a great space for dining and partying. This occasion was for Mum’s 100th Birthday. Good on ya!


Schools love us as well as you can see in the next image. This 6.0m x 6.0m marquee was used during their May School Fair where it became the Beauty Tent. Could do with some of that 🙂


Our most recent job that was set up yesterday for an end of GCSE’s party was a 6.0m x 6.0m marquee with carpet to provide for a dance area. This worked well with the PA system set up inside for anyone to plug their iPod or iPhone into.

                20120628-164702.jpg                20120628-164758.jpg

I will keep you updated as regular as possible and will hopefully show some great pictures of the big event this Saturday in Bracknell where about 20 Mini-Marquees are being used. I might even be tempted to do a video for you to show us setting up.

Watch this space.

Introducing Social

Well it’s been a quiet winter for MM Hire Kingston but nothing less than expected and things are really picking up again since the sunshine appeared at the beginning of April. We have however been working hard on other areas to bring more interaction to our customers. We have now opened a new Timeline style Facebook page dedicated to Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston, where we are keeping it social and interactive with pictures of the Mini-Marquees we have been setting up as well as pictures of possible set ups available from us. As we approach the Summer months, we are also posting interesting tips and facts about BBQ’s and how to make your BBQ successful with different recipe ideas. If Facebook isn’t for you, don’t worry because we have also created a new Twitter account dedicated to Mini-Marquee Hire Kingston. We will be tweeting all the same stuff across both social networks so nobody misses out. Join our crowd and keep up to date, follow us on Facebook & Twitter via the links to the right of this page.

We have a few jobs coming up over the next few weeks, one of them being a May School Fair at one of our local Schools in East Molesey where we will also be advertising in the Fair’s Programme. We will keep you posted with how we get on with these later on.