About Us

MM Hire Kingston joined the Mini Marquee Hire group in September 2011. Here is our story…

“Ever since the extension of our large family, I have become the main earner for our household with my wife Megan, leaving work to be a stay at home Mum. With the ever increasing cost of living, my earnings alone have never really been enough to enjoy life to the full and we both had a dream of being able to run something together as a partnership and as a business. We wanted to call our own, and wanted something we could be in control of. We had to consider a few things to ensure what ever we found would fit into our lifestyle and our availability, which meant that we could do anything at home during the week but anything requiring labour would have to be done outside of my current full time working hours.

On searching the internet, we came across www.mmhire.com.  Perfect, we can hire Marquees out over the weekends and evenings, with bookings being arranged with Megan at home while I’m at work. Now, how do we find out more and set up? I decided to email Mini-Marquees via there contact page to ask if they were planning on franchising their operation to different areas due to them only having an operation in the north. I promptly got a response and we arranged a business meeting with Mini-Marquees.

From that meeting, it just so happened that Mini-Marquees were already planning for expansion. Discussing the operation we could be running, everything exceeded our expectations and became very clear what the potential was for the business. We were given very clear facts and figures with no shadows being hidden. We left that meeting on a high leaving one thing to do. ‘Yes, we’ll do it’. One thing that was very clear is that marquee-hire is seasonal as you would expect, but we still kicked off just before winter and still, have jobs coming through. Things are going really well and the support from our Parents at MM Hire Ltd has been amazing. All questions asked are responded to promptly and honestly. Everything is fitting in with our lives as they were, and already, we are thinking about employing another body to help with deliveries and set up during the summer months.

As a family and as a business partner, this has been the best decision for us in a very long time and we are feeling the benefits already financially”  Grant – MM Hire Kingston

MM Hire currently have £5,000,000 public liability insurance.


Recent Feedback

Client Testimonial – I just wanted to email you to let you know how pleased I was with my marquee. Grant that installed it was both friendly and very efficient. The marquee was great we had lights and heat which worked brilliantly. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to family and friends, thank you Grant & Megan at Mini Marquee Hire Kingston” 


The Marquee Hire Network

Marquee Hire Nottingham is part of a Nationwide Marquee Hire Network, operating all over the UK. We control all manufacturing and quality of our marquees to ensure your customers get the best possible product and service.

Established in 2008 the MM Hire Ltd has gone from strength to strength leading to the creation of the Mini Marquee Hire Network. Nationwide Coverage with local support and all booking confirmations and payments are taken via head office to ensure quality of service.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Marquee Hire Network then click here.