Marquee Hire Kingston The Beginning!

I didn’t really know what to expect starting a new marquee operation in the winter months and didn’t expect many hires until the Spring started kicking in.
My expectations were very limited to the question ‘how many people would be holding events outside in the cold at this time of year?’ which didn’t add up to many at all in my head. I was soon proven wrong, when within the first week, customers were enquiring about hires for both November and December. Blimey, people do brave the cold. That’s another great thing about Mini-Marquee Hire, we can hire you the heaters and lighting as well. That’s the sales pitch out the way 🙂
Before we knew it, we had our first 2 jobs booked. These jobs were also for the same weekend. We now have a taster of how to manage multiple bookings for one weekend. The first job was 15 miles from us, the 2nd in North London and both to be set up on the Friday. Now, this is where we have realised how well this works for us, with myself already being in full-time work and my wife a full time Mum. On the Thursday night, I pre loaded the Van with all the kit required for both jobs. Chairs, Tables, Heaters. All ready to go. Hmmmm, maybe I should take the Marquees they ordered as well lol….. Now we’re ready to go.

Come Friday, a normal day at work. Come the end of my working day, because I had pre loaded the Van, I was able to get home from work, and leave almost straight away to Sutton for the first job. I was on site by about 17:00. On greeting the customer, we first took a look at where the Marquee was to be set up and which way the customer wanted it facing. The garden had a the perfect space on the patio outside the back door where they wanted the 3m x 4.5m marquee erected. We went through with the customer how we could position it for them and recommended best use of the marquee in terms of position and access and were then left to our own devices to unload the Van and set it all up. This job in particular had the marquee with 3 sides, 2 heaters and a hard standing kit to secure the marquee down on the patio. The marquee went up, the sides went on, the heaters hung in each corner of the marquee and the feet weighted down to secure. All that and a cup of tea done in 30 mins. The customer was delighted. The picture you have in your head when imagining what the set up will look like is wrong…..The finished product and look is even better than you can imagine. They were looking forward to their Party on Saturday night even more now. Great, please sign here and we’ll be on our way. Any problems before or during, give me a call and we’ll get it sorted.

First job done and on our way to the 2nd by 17:35. Unfortunately, due to the time of day, getting across London during rush hour was a little bit of a pain but we we called the next customer to inform of our ETA throughout the journey and ensured we still arrived to a happy customer. We arrived at the next job not much after 19:00. The customers were fine with the arrival time and were just happy that we had got there OK. We were taken through to the back garden and shown where they wanted all to be set up and this time, they wanted the 3m x 4.5m marquee to be set up half on their patio and half onto their grass. This will be why they ordered both hard and soft ground kits lol. We erected the marquee and positioned as requested. The customer had also ordered three sides but we ran into trouble when we came to putting up the third side because we had intruding flower beds with bushes barging into the marquee. Unfortunately, there was no excess space to move the marquee and avoid the bushes so we had to explain that only 2 of the sides could be used. This was no issue to the customer but was a little concerned about rain blowing in from the side. To control this concern, we demonstrated how to loosely hang the third side on the marquee as to just stop anyone getting wet underneath and not to damage the greenery. As mentioned previously, the marquee spread over both grass and patio. To cover this and stop the ground becoming muddy, we put down the MM Mat to carpet to the area to provide a continuous floor, put out the table and chairs and the job was done. Once again the set up was great and we had another satisfied customer.

2 successful jobs both to be collected on Sunday. On collection in took half the time it did to set up and both customers were very pleased with their event and marquee and will be recommending to their friends. A good weekends work.

On the following Monday we received this email.

I just wanted to email you to let you know how pleased I was with my marquee. Grant that installed it was both friendly and very efficient. The marquee was great we had lights and heat which worked brilliantly. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to family and friends, thank you Grant & Megan at Mini Marquee Hire Kingston” 

Not a bad review for our first ever Mini Marquee job.